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OpenGL and Assignment #1 Intensive introduction to OpenGL – whirlwind tour of: • window setup (using glut) • displaying polygons • drawing smooth shaded polygons • transform commands • camera setup • double buffering (for smooth animation) • z-buffer (depth test) for hidden surface removal • event handling in OpenGL ...

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Let's all be honest with each other. We all aspire to create screen-savers, and boy do I have a really neat screensaver idea. Infinite flying cubes, like the infinite "stars" screen-saver!

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The simplest solid polygon possible is the triangle, with only three sides. Rasterization hardware just loves triangles, and so this is now the only type of polygon that OpenGL supports. Every three vertices simply form a new triangle. Figure 3.9 shows two triangles drawn with six vertices numbered V0 through V5.To animate the rotation of the cube, we can call glRotate with a small angle every frame. For instance, if PyGame draws the octahedron at about 60 frames per second, and we call glRotatef(1,x,y,z) every frame, the octahedron will rotate about 60 degrees every second about the axis (x,y,z).

Since objects in OpenGL are commonly rendered with triangles, to render each of the faces of the cube we must specify the two triangles that make it up. That means we will need 2 for the top face, 2 for the bottom, 2 for the left, 2 for the right, 2 for the front and 2 for the back; 12 triangles in total.This is to receive the output of the rotated vertices held in c_verts. I do not actually want to alter the "mother" vertices of the cube, so I pass them through this function, modify (rotate) them using the concatenated Final_Matrix, and collect the rotation result in s_verts.

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